Chemical Testing Laboratories

KC India Test Laboratories LLP

Our Chemical Testing Laboratory is fully equipped with modernized intruments that enables our chemists to perform efficiently. We provide the full fledged solutions to the clients thus assuring their product's quality and validating our chemical testing lab services.

CompleteTesting Facilities:

For Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals, Stainless Steel, TMT Bars, Copper Purity, Analysis of Cement, OPC & PPC Mass of Zinc Coating, Bore Well Water, Construction Water, Drinking Water, Waste Water, Ambient Air Monitoring, Stack Monitoring, Noise Level Monitoring.

Water For Drinking Purpose, R.O Water, Raw Water, Mineral Water, Bore Well Water For Construction Purpose,Food Processing Water, Swimming Pool Water,Industrial Waste Water, ETP/STP Water &Sludge
Cement-Sand Mortar, Cement - Sand – Aggregate Mortar.
Zinc Coating, Anodizing Coating, Uniformity ofCoating, Coating Thickness, Powder Coating Plaster Of Paris, Fly Ash, Admixture
OPC, PPC, White Cement & Slag Cement
Chemical Composition Of Soil Test (Analysis etc) Industrial Chemical,Ambient Air Testing, Stack Emission Testing, Noise Level Testing, Soil Testing, Air Monitoring, Noise Monitoring, Weather Monitoring, Water, Soil, Noise For Ambient And Stationary Sources, Stack Emissions, Solid And Hazardous Wastes, Fugitive Gas Emissions, Indoor Gas Quality.
STEEL &METAL & ALLOYS TESTING : Ferrous &Non-Ferrous Alloys Copper Alloys Aluminum Alloys Zinc Alloys Lead Aluminum &Aluminum Products Stainless Steel Gun MetalTMT Steel/TOR/ Bar, Angle, Channel, Beam, LRPC Strand Wire, Barbed Wire, Concertina Wire, Hollow Section, LRPC Strand Wire.
Chemical Quality and Purity, Analysis of Chemical Ingredients, Chemical Trace Analysis, Routine Testing and Non-routine testing, Contamination Analysis, Identification of Chemical Impurities, Trace Chemical Unknowns Detection, Chemical Composition, Analysis and Research.