We provide testing facilities on a wide range of products. The testing and testing procedures are conducted on the basis of Indian Standards.  The duration of the testing process has been in coordination with the assigned duration as per respective standard.

Once the service is booked, the product’s quality becomes our top priority hence; the product has been checked on each & every quality parameters.

Our objective is to serve an accurate, highly reliable, conceptually secured & flawless high quality of service at very reasonable prices.


IT & Electronics Testing Laborateries

Our IT & Electronics Test Laboratory is fully equipped with pr..

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Electrical Testing

Our Electrical Testing Laboratories emphases on the quality of the product testing services in add..

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Mechanical Testing Laboratories

Test your machine items with finest Mechanical Testing Lab..

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Chemical Testing Laboratories

Our Chemical Testing Laboratory is fully equipped with modernized intruments that..

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Ip Testing Labs

KC India is the best IP testing Lab in Delhi. As you know it before, IP codes are used to indicate the degree..

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Building Material Testing Lab

Building Material Testing for Your Best Construction KC India providing you best testing labs for many..

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Vibration Testing Lab

KC India Testing Laboratories is providing you Vibration Testing Lab for every type of equipment. KC India has..

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LM 79 Testing Laboratories

LM-79 is a method approval for taking electrical and photometric measurements of SSL products. So KC India is providing you acc..

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NABL Testing Laboratories

NABL testing laboratories are easily available now. KC India Test Laboratories are providing you best NABL testing for with g..

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Scanner Testing Lab

KC India is providing you scanner testing, here we test your scanner with multi steps of Testing. The exact mix of tests that w..

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wire testing lab

KC India is providing successful wire testing. Fixed Wire testing lab, which used to be known as 'Periodic Inspection and Tes..

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Tec Testing Lab

 KC India Test Laboratories is a TEC recognized laboratory for Tec testing labs. TEC stands for Telecommu..

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LED Testing Lab

KC India test Laboratories provides LED Testing Lab to help customer product development. KC India has fully e..

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luminaire testing lab

KC India is a well known Luminaire Testing Lab and having NABL enfranchisement. The Laboratory is following th..

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Metal Testing Lab

Metal testing for enduringness Customers consider Metal Testing lab and Metal Analysis from Laboratory Testin..

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Mobile Testing Lab

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Salt Spray Testing Lab

 Salt spray testing  is a strategy for checking the erosion opposition of coatings and materials use..

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Salt Fog Testing

 Salt fog testing is a sped up consumption test that creates a destructive assault to the covered example..

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EMC Testing Lab

 EMC testing is performed to guarantee that gadgets are planned and indicated to work in electromagnetic..

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